My plan was to get out of bed at 0600. I did not hear the alarm at all! And apparently M had over slept too so D had tried to call him at my phone, but no reaction from me whatsoever. At 0900 E woke up and whispered to me that it was time to get up. Now I feel a little irritated because I had it all figured out for today and it all went to hell with me over sleeping.

A cup of coffee with cream. A little time for myself while the kids are playing. It´s way too windy outside right now to be in the forest, so I hope it will calm down during the day so we can go outside later in the day. 

Well, it´s time for me to get moving. Maybe I post something later today.


Christmas No 2!

Today I slept a little too long. Woke up in a puddle of blood. I felt like this day was going to suck...

But a quick shower, some brekfast and a big cup of coffee and I was good to go.
Kevin and I took Chippen on a walk in the forest. About 4 km. Just as we came home, the sky opened up and it started raining and the wind started blowing like crazy. In the afternoon we drove to my brother for a get together. It was good to see everybody again. All beautiful broken pieces that they (we) are.
Now I am lying in a (no longer) hot bath and listening to Ellie & Kevin playing with their christmas gifts and acually having a good time instead of fighting like they use to.
Soon it is time to call it the night and tomorrows a gift.

It’s been a while - again!

It’s 23:13 and I’m lying in my bed, thinking about life.

I am recovering from my psycosis and I am starting to feel somewhat normal. I still suffering from bad memory-loss though and I can’t really handle stress. But my moodswings are stabile and I am not as depressed as I used to be. Only regular PMS! 😜 So that’s good I suppose.
Today was a good day. We slept almost ’til noon. We got brekfast in bed. We just relaxed and had a really calm day. In the afternoon we took a walk, 6,7 km around the lake and spent the evening in the sofa watching Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Tomorrow’s a new day and I have a lot to do.
Time to get some sleep.